Effectively managing the business-side of your medical oncology practice may just extend the quality and length of life of your practice – and patients!

NEWS FLASH: Find out how the new Medicare Prescription Drug Bill will negatively affect your practice’s – and your patients’ – well being.

Vista Group can help!  
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Vista Group offers a broad range of services suited to the needs of our individual clients. We go into each new client engagement with an open mind and perform a thorough examination – just as you would do with each of your new patients. No cookie-cutter approach here.

Specifically, we can help you improve your practice by implementing:

• More stringent inventory controls
• Efficient supplies management
• Optimized purchasing plans
• Timely & accurate claims processing
• Prompt collection follow-up

Better personnel deployment

And we don’t just show you once how to do these things – we teach you how to continue these best practices long after the original engagement.

Our goal is to help you organize the business and financial side of your oncology practice so you can continue to provide your patients with the best care available. Your patients deserve to be sure your practice will survive and, more importantly, you’ll be there to help them survive!


Take a look at an example of a typical practice and one optimized by Vista Group.

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Not sure if your practice needs a consultant? Perhaps you should ask yourself these importantant questions.

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