The following links are to a variety of informative sources for information and education in the field of Medical Oncology.

ASCO site This is the web-based home of the American Society of Clinical Oncologists. Contains a legislative section, administrative area as well as being a leading clinical site for practicing Medical Oncologists.
MGMA site MGMA is the Medical Group Management Association and provides information and education to medical practices.
ACCC site This is the home of the Association of Community Cancer Centers which focuses on issues important to community cancer centers and hospitals with cancer programs.
US Oncology Legislative site This is an in-depth source of information on what’s going on in Washington, DC. Detailed articles are available on issues affecting oncology practice from a legislative perspective.
OPLinc site Offers articles and links to a variety of sites on medical oncology issues.
OTN site The home of Oncology Therapeutics Network, a major distributor of chemotherapy related drugs.
Supply site
The home of Oncology Supply, a major distributor of chemotherapy related drugs and supplies. Also has links to International Oncology Network (ION) which sponsors clinical trials.
ONS site Home of the Oncology Nursing Society.
Part B News Web site for Medicare Part B reimbursement topics.
National Cancer Institute Clinical site dedicated to cancer research.
Community Oncology Alliance This site is dedicated to working with Congress and the administration to establish a fair, fiscally responsible drug reimbursement system; and, to address destructive clinical practices such as, “brown bagging” and mandatory vendor imposition.

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ASCO issues new Medicare billing FAQ's to answer oncology practice coding questions.



Congress makes sweeping changes to Medicare reimbursement for oncology practices with passage of the Prescription Drug Bill. (H.R. 1.ENR) Section 303.

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Compliance date for HIPAA electronic transactions. You must be ready to conduct tranactions electronically in the standard HIPAA format with your health plans/payers.

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We have information about how the new Medicare laws will affect your practice and links to useful Medicare information.

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