Answers to these questions determine the effectiveness of your practice management system. Vista Group targets its programs to insure that your practice is always improving towards best practices in each business area.

Are you classifying your patients by insurance carrier? Do you know how many of your Medicare patients don’t have secondary coverage (Are you collecting these co-pays)? Are you collecting all deductibles and co-pays before service is rendered, particularly for chemotherapy patients?
If not, you should start soon because you may be placing your practice in financial jeopardy by neglecting to implement these increasingly necessary procedures. Vista Group has written procedures and can train your staff to handle this critical area.

Does your infusion billing go out within one day after treatment?
If not, you’re losing money. We can help you improve your claim turnaround time by billing clean claims within one day after the treatment.

Do you realize what it costs you by failing to collect within thirty days (or sooner) on drug claims?
The financial impact of too many outstanding drug claims is much larger than you may think. We can help improve your drug claim collections turnaround time in order to increase cash flow that could be better utilized in the current operations of your practice.

Do you know how much you have invested in drug inventory? Do you know how much you should have? Do you know which drugs are sitting on your shelves too long and are often turning to waste? Are you getting the best prices for your drugs or do you just buy what the “rep of the week” is selling?
Under the old Medicare drug reimbursement system, you could absorb the costs of less-than-adequate inventory control; however, failing to address this issue under the new regime could quickly drain the resources and profitability of your practice. We can help you to plan your inventory according to your usage history which should lead to less waste and lower overall costs.

What in-office treatments should be avoided and what are the alternatives?
Knowing the answers to these questions can help save your practice.

Our medical oncology specific review of your business procedures can help identify problems in any of the above areas. With reimbursements going down all around you can’t afford to ignore these key business processes. Operating efficiently can help your practice survive this era of uncertainty in reimbursements.


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