Vista Group consulting services are offered as stand alone engagements in the following areas or can be combined into an implementation plan for the entire business side of the practice. The Practice Review, however, is a mandatory first step to all other services.

Practice Review: This is the first step in every consulting engagement. This process identifies weaknesses and provides the physicians and practice managers with a road map for improvement.*

Drug Review: Examines all phases of inventory management including, purchasing, stocking, drug waste and shrinkage.

Billing Review: This is a comprehensive review of all billing procedures - from basic office visits to chemotherapy treatments - with Medicare regulation compliance first and foremost in mind. We do not advocate pushing the Medicare billing envelope because itís not necessary for a successful practice.

Receivables Review: A review of the status of account receivables. It identifies re-billing and claim rejections - the major reasons for delays in getting paid. Review front office co-pay collection opportunities. Also looks at intake procedures to ensure you are treating patients in the office who can and will pay for the needed service.

Employee Review: A review of employment policies and procedures. This process identifies over or under staffing in clinical and administrative areas to help keep payroll under control, and to fairly pay and reward employees for excellence.

General Management Consulting: Coaching practice leadership for improved performance, ancillary service investments, physician recruiting, review of income distribution formulae, and resolution of partnership disputes, etc.

*Note: The Practice Review component is billed at a fixed fee of five days of consulting time resulting in a written report with a suggested plan for improvement in critical areas. All other services are billed at an hourly rate for each hour of on-site or Internet-connected time. All services are guaranteed to provide improved results if implemented properly or your money back.


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